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Post by Elysian Sins Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:51 pm

Moderator Application:

How long have you been a member of the clan?

How Many days a week do you expect to be active?

How many people on average per week do you recruit?

Bob: Hey guys how's it going!
Joe: Hey idiot, what are you doing?
Bob: Nothing much just some slayer, yourself?
Joe: Slayer.... what a fucking nerd.
Bob: Hey, I don't like being called names like that, could you please stop?
BanterBuddy1: can't we call get along?
Joe: Why, fucking pussy.
Bob: Seriously, can you stop?
Joe: Nope, fuck you kid.
BanterBuddy1: I'm leaving the clan if you guys don't fix this..

When as a staff member would you step into this situation, and how would you handle it?

Lastly, why would you like to be staff, and what would you bring to the team?

Send your application to "Bullfight" over forums PM, if you are having trouble finding my name on the forums send me a PM in-game!

Apply to be Staff  JefylmO

Apply to be Staff  2ylwZBp
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